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Daydreamer Johnny Cash "Ring of Fire" Tour Tee | Classic Country Music Tribute

Color: Vintage White
Vintage White
Size: XS

Introducing the Legendary Tribute: Johnny Cash "Ring of Fire" Tour Tee. This iconic song, beloved for its passionate storytelling of June and Johnny's fiery love, skyrocketed to the top of the country music charts. Experience the unparalleled sound and timeless appeal of the Man in Black with this collector's item. Our tour tee features a captivating portrait of Johnny Cash engulfed in fiery flames, symbolizing the unforgettable "Ring of Fire" track. Embrace the legacy and immerse yourself in the magic of this legendary artist.

  • Daydreamer LA
  • 100% cotton
  • Vintage white
  • Tour cut
  • Made in Los Angeles
  • Premium quality
  • T1360JOH776
  • Fits true to size, relaxed