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Room Shop | Mini Cloud Scrunchie | Hair Accessories

Color: Sage

Introducing our exquisite collection of mini scrunchies, lovingly handcrafted in the heart of Philadelphia from sheer 100% nylon organza. These dainty hair accessories add a touch of elegance to your style and are perfect for creating subtle yet captivating looks.

Each mini scrunchie is carefully fashioned to perfection, ensuring a smooth and comfortable fit for all hair types. The delicate texture of the nylon organza lends a unique charm, effortlessly elevating your hairstyles with a graceful and ethereal appeal.

With a diameter measuring about 5 inches, these mini scrunchies are ideal for adding a subtle accent to your ponytails, buns, or even for creating charming half-up hairstyles. They are versatile enough to complement your everyday attire or add a hint of sophistication to your special occasions.

To keep these delicate beauties in pristine condition, we recommend a gentle hand wash and air dry. This ensures their longevity, allowing you to cherish them as timeless accessories that will never go out of style.

Embrace the enchanting allure of our mini scrunchies and give your hair the elegance it deserves. Handcrafted with love and designed to captivate, they are an absolute must-have for your hair accessory collection. Experience the magic they add to your look, and let your style shine with a touch of Philadelphia's finest craftsmanship.


  • Room Shop
  • 100% nylon
  • Organza
  • Mini size
  • Hair accessories are final sale


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