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Daze Denim | Sundaze Vintage Straight Jean | Always

Color: Always
Size: 24

Introducing the "Always" vintage washed black denim - a timeless classic that's as easygoing as Sunday morning. The Hug offers a unique touch, being 3 ounces heavier than typical stretch denim, ensuring it cinches you in perfectly while maintaining its flexible embrace. Embrace the comfort and style of Sundaze in Always, crafted from our vintage-looking 12oz Hug fabric. These jeans contain 93% Cotton, 5% Polyester, and 2% Spandex, providing the perfect stretch. Plus, they're eco-friendly! Machine wash cold and save water with fuller loads. Elevate your stretchy jeans game with this upgraded denim essential!


  • Daze Denim
  • Sundaze Dad Jeans
  • 93% cotton, 5% polyester, 2% spandex
  • Color: Always
  • Vintage straight
  • Eco-friendly
  • Bestselling denim
  • D00016203JS
  • Fits true to size