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Scandal Italy


Scandal is a high end Italian-manufactured luxurious boho-chic clothing brand for women of all ages, shapes, and sizes. They're known for their innovative designs, high-quality materials, & exquisite colored-dye production.

The story began in 2012, when founder Dylan Ifergane realized that the fashions that dazzled and inspired on the runway were unwearable, and that ready-to-wear versions often sacrificed quality and design in favor of “fast fashion” mass appeal. Wanting to bridge this gap and create beautiful and long-lasting, yet still affordable pieces, Ifergane created Scandal Italy to cater to discerning individuals who refuse to settle for what’s trending.

Their European roots ensure that they hold themselves to the highest standards in fabric selection and manufacturing. The fabrics are carefully hand-dyed in Italy by some of the oldest and most revered families of craftsmen in the fashion industry. Their pieces are made of only the finest natural materials and blends, including silk, cotton and linen imported worldwide.