Our Story

Welcome to Blooming Daily Boutique

    Our boutique represents a past, present and future dream that we couldn't be more excited about! As a teenager my favorite aunt always told me that I'd grow up and become a fashion designer or have a career in the fashion industry. As a young adult I worked in retail and found myself managing a GUESS? brand store in a busy shopping mall. I loved the way the clothes made me feel, waking up early to style a window set, and I'd be lying if I said the discount wasn't absolutely awesome! But as you know, life happens and dreams are put on hold for much longer than we expect, sometimes indefinitely.

    In the spring of 2021 I decided to open an online fashion boutique! After the first year of the pandemic I needed a new and exciting journey! I felt like it was time to work towards creating a brand that speaks to other women the same way it speaks to me. I love pink and black and feminine styles of all genres. I guess it comes as no surprise that Barbie was my favorite childhood toy! I'd disappear for hours playing with my Barbies and changing their outfits. My husband decided on the name (he's pretty creative but don't tell him I told you so), and from that point on we've been slowly building it into something bigger! 

  To all those who have and will support us, THANK YOU! This website represents countless months, weeks, days and hours of hard work! I am the buyer, website designer, content creator, social media manager, accountant and so much more. I personally package each and every order and ship it directly to you. I'm excited to update our story as we grow! We can't wait to see what the future holds! Until then, stay Blooming Daily!

Kiley Bloomer